Our Approach

IMG_0223What makes Kerry Paediatric Dental Practice special is our expertise in child management and the care we devote to making children feel welcome and comfortable. It may be fear of the unknown, shyness, pain and tiredness, sensory and communication difficulties, a bad gag reflex, scary stories or a bad experience in hospital or with a past dental procedure. Our team are trained and experienced in understanding the individual needs of children and are dedicated to building positive dental experiences. We are the only dental practice in Munster dedicated exclusively to children.

As a team we all love working with children. We enjoy each step involved in building positive experiences. We start by sending preparatory information prior to the first visit to help parents covey positive messages to our new patients. From the first visit we welcome children by chatting about their hobbies and pets. Experience, patience and empathy are what we attribute our success with the most frightened and anxious children.

The practice is is a fun, bright and playful place with toys, games, colouring facilities and cartoons. We give children lots of time to get used to the setting and we always tell children what will happen next. This is a powerful way of building trust. We reward good behaviour with praise, gifts and certificates to encourage patterns of good behaviour. We avoid reassurance as this leads to children wondering if something bad will happen.

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