“Last year I had to go to Dr  Daly I was nervous but she was very kind to me. I went to hospital last September in Tralee and she looked after me. I had to stay in hospital for one day and I got all my teeth fixed. It didn’t hurt as I was asleep all day. I now go to Dr  Daly every six months. My favourite thing is when I’m in the dentist chair watching the TV on the ceiling.”

Kate age 10

“My 3 children love their trips to Ivy Terrace to see Dr Daly & all her lovely staff.  The dentist is now a wonderful place to be for them.  They are no longer fearful of the dentist’s chair.  Our youngest son who is 5 underwent an extraction on his second visit without a IMG_2208general anaesthetic and that was all down to Dr Daly’s fantastic way with children.  She focuses on the child and completely puts them at ease.  The surgery, especially the waiting room, is such a welcoming and comforting environment for a child.  Dr Daly explains every aspect of the treatment in detail to the child and the parents & gives a detailed cost analysis of the treatments that may be required.  Dr Daly and her team, Eleanor and Niamh, are so caring and cannot do enough to help.”

Ruth, Co Kerry

“Kerry Paediatric Dental Practice has a pleasant, warm feeling from the moment you walk in the door. The staff are always helpful and very friendly. Dr Daly is the kindest, most patient dentist a child could ask for. She takes the time to explain everything to us and to make my girls feel comfortable and relaxed. I would definitely recommend this clinic to my friends.”

Adrian, Co Kerry

“I met Dr Daly and her team in September 2010 having had my two front teeth badly damaged during PE class at school earlier that day. After several hours and dentist chairs I was directed to Dr Daly’s practice. Dr Daly’s dental practice is really great, very child IMG_2210friendly and cheerful.  She treated me like an equal from the start and explained absolutely everything to me before she proceeded. They all made sure I was comfortable and well informed about any treatment, which made a really big difference. She did a terrific job in managing to save my front teeth. Dr Daly has also taken away my fear of dentists and it’s such a genuine pleasure to visit her. I can’t imagine a nicer dentist and am really lucky to have found her!”

Eimear, aged 16

“When it was made known to us that our 5 year old boy would need much more intensive treatment that our regular dentist could offer it was a journey into the unknown. Dr Daly was recommended to us and from that day on we never looked back. The calmness and professionalism afforded to us from all staff  Eleanor at reception, Dental nurse Niamh and Dr Daly was most satisfying. Our little boy was so looking forward to his next visit the whole ordeal was getting easier as time went on.Every detail was discussed thoroughly and Dr Daly had our total faith. In early June our little boy went under anaesthetic and everything went brilliantly as Dr Daly suggested it would. We now have a new little boy going out of his skin enjoying life instead of constantly Thank'scomplaining of tooth ache. We recommend Dr Daly and her staff Eleanor and Niamh most highly.”

Barry and Ann, Kerry 

“Molly was at the library last week.  We were taking out a book on ‘Going to the Dentist’ and another entitled ‘Going to the Hospital’.  The librarian remarked on her going to the dentist.  Molly replied ‘I love the dentist’  to which the librarian, in utter amazement, and stuttered a little, said that’s very strange…..but good!!!  Molly paid no heed!!!  I was glad to know she’s happy about her visits to the dentist!!”

Karen, Co Cork

“We decided to choose specialist paediatric dental services for our two children, aged 4 and 6, and after researching extensively chose Kerry Paediatric Dental practice in Tralee.  Whilst not living in the immediate locale, we selected the practice and have been impressed with the quality of service and after care that our children have received. Our children were IMG_2209immediately put at ease when attending the practice and are welcomed in a very child friendly environment.  We were particularly impressed with the quality of service that we have received and are very impressed with the emphasis placed on preventative care. The experience has been positive for us, and our children.  We would have no hesitation in recommending Kerry Paediatric Dental Practice to any of our friends or family.”

 Parents of children aged 7 and 5

“Our young child required specialist dental care within one year of her new teeth as they started showing signs of decay. We took her to our local paediatric dental service and were disappointed that there were no repair or prevention options available. We then heard about the Kerry Paediatric Dental Practice through our dentist. Our child was very nervous and fearful as her previous dental experience had not gone well. However when we visited the Kerry practice our experience was very positive from reception to waiting room to the dental chair. The service was extremely child orientated and everybody felt at ease throughout. There were plenty child friendly distractions throughout the process. The team there are extremely professional, and visits are not rushed so the child is kept at ease at all times. Our child was only 2.5 years old and needed a general anaesthetic for treatment. The hospital experience again was extremely positive and the care was exemplary. She now attends the clinic for regular check-ups and asks when we are going again! It’s a very positive experience for her and the family.”

Mother of Katie aged 3

Thanks“As the mother of a teenager requiring extensive dental work following an accident we both felt very fortunate to have been referred to Dr Daly’s Paediatric practice. Dr Daly’s vast knowledge, expertise and experience gave us the confidence that we were getting the best possible treatment available. Also Dr Daly’s genuine interest, communication skills and compassion worked so well for my son. He had complete confidence in Dr Daly and knew she would find the best solution for him. I highly recommend this dental practice to any parent for their children.”

 Patricia, Co Kerry

Cards“My son Dylan who is nearly two years old has been visiting Kerry Paediatric Dental Practice for the last six months for regular treatments and routine check-ups. Dr Daly’s dental practice is located at Ivy Terrace, Tralee, near the Brandon car park which is very convenient for parking especially when you have a small child. The practice is very different to any other practice I have been to before. It is very welcoming, with friendly professional staff that puts a child at ease and has a bright and colourful crèche like reception with loads of activities. The aftercare advice is easy to follow and all the necessary products are available at the practice. I would highly recommend the Kerry Paediatric Dental Practice.”

Noreen, Co Kerry                                                                                                                    


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