Inhalation Sedation


Inhalation sedation is an effective way of helping nervous children to cope with dental treatment. It uses a sweet smelling mixture if nitrous oxide and oxygen which we call “magic wind”. During sedation children stay conscious and awake so they are able to talk. It is done in the dental Surgery. Suitability for this technique must be assessed before treatment is started.

Advantages of inhalation sedation:

  • Creates a sense of calm and relaxation thereby reducing anxiety
  • Excellent safety record
  • Patient remains awake so they can learn coping skills from the experience
  • Creates pleasant feelings and sets up positive associations with dentistry
  • Effects wear off immediately when the gas is stopped
  • No residual drowsiness or side effects
  • Reduces gag reflex
  • Amnesic (dull memories)
  • Analgesic (reduces sensitivity to pain)
  • Avoids the need for general anaesthetic and hospital admission
  • Aids desensitisation in phobic patients
  • Excellent adjunct to dental hypnosis

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